Exquisite hand-painted Cloth Bag with an original Pichwai Painting design!

By Penkraft

₹ 1099
SKU : PK-Bag-14

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With the times changing the entire world has started ditching plastic bags and switching to alternatives. But these cloth bags are a dread to watch. Check out these exquisite hand-painted cloth bags with Pichwai Painting Design. Pichwai paintings reflect the classic Indian tradition of Guru-Shishya as the intricacies of this art are passed down through the generations. Creating a Pichwai painting may take several months because of the intricate designs and embroidery work. Initially, Pichwai were painted on handspun starched cotton cloth, using completely organic and natural colors, paints, and even brushes. -Environmentally Viable -Boosts Fashion Style and personality -Easy to carry -Ample of space -Great artwork with an ethnic touch - High-quality cloth material


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