Exquisite hand-painted Cloth Bag with an original Cheriyal Painting design!

By Penkraft

₹ 999
SKU : PK-Bag-3

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With the times changing the entire world has started ditching plastic bags and switching to alternatives. But these cloth bags are a dread to watch. Check out these exquisite hand-painted cloth bags with Cheriyal Painting Design Cheriyal Painting is a 400-year-old art form that originated in the town Cheriyal located in present-day Telangana state. It mainly depicts stories of Krishna Leela, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas, and folk stories of the Gowda, Madiga, and other local communities. It also includes everyday scenes of a simple rural life. -Environmentally Viable -Boosts Fashion Style and personality -Easy to carry -Ample of space -Great artwork with an ethnic touch -High-quality cloth material


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